Artists Against Apartheid: Sydney Festival, Drop Israeli Regime Partnership

We are deeply concerned by Sydney Festival’s refusal to sever its ties to the apartheid regime of Israel, despite urgent calls from a cross section of artists and organisations. The Festival has made the decision to accept funding from the Embassy of Israel, making the embassy a Star Partner.

As artists who work and create on unceded land, we are committed to justice for Indigenous peoples everywhere, from so-called Australia to Palestine. As such, we urge Sydney Festival to drop its partnership with the Israeli Embassy as a matter of conscience. 

Israel has long used culture and the arts to cloak its atrocities against the Palestinian people. For Palestinians everywhere, the freedom to speak, perform, critique, and express is suppressed daily by the Israeli regime and its machinery. In the same breath as claiming to care about the arts and promoting culture through such partnerships as this one, the Israeli state continues to dispossess, persecute, and punish artists like poets Dareen Tatour and Mohammed El-Kurd and cartoonist Hafez Omar for daring to speak out against its violence.

Palestinians are subjected to a catalogue of abuses including land theft and property seizures, home demolitions, restrictions on free movement, the ethnic cleansing of whole neighbourhoods, violent repression of protest through use of unlawful force, and torture of detainees. Additionally, Israeli forces often attack cultural institutions, disrupt events, and destroy archives. The state of Israel prevents Palestinians from pursuing their right to artistic and cultural expression, subjecting an entire population to material and symbolic forms of violence.

In response to the concerns raised by artists and community members, Sydney Festival has claimed to be a “non-political” organisation. This statement is disingenuous. Existing on stolen land is political. Making art is political. The Sydney Festival Star Partnership with the Israeli Embassy serves to artwash the Israeli regime’s violent control over the lives of Palestinians and enables the apartheid state to continue to breach the human rights of Palestinians with impunity. Accepting funding from a settler-colonial apartheid regime is political. 

The Festival states it will use the $20,000 sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy to support Sydney Dance Company’s production of Decadence by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin. We ask: Is that how much the silence, erasure and oppression of Palestinians is worth?

Sydney Festival has created a culturally unsafe space for Palestinians, artists, organisations, Arabic-speaking communities, supporters of Palestine, and everyone who stands against racism and colonialism. In light of this, the Festival’s own supposed commitment to inclusivity feels hollow. 

Sydney Festival has left us no choice but to withdraw from the Festival and call on others to boycott. We cannot be complicit in the oppression of Palestinians or any other people for that matter. We will not perform in or attend a Festival where the Israeli regime rainbow-coloured logo is used to artwash the violence, ethnic cleansing, and crimes inflicted upon the Palestinian people.

Palestinian civil society has called for a cultural boycott of the Israeli regime, inspired by the boycott of apartheid South Africa and their struggle for freedom. Artists, authors, creators, and performers the world over have played a critical role in this collective act of solidarity and resistance, speaking out and taking action in support of the boycott movement. In doing so, they have exposed the ongoing injustices against the Palestinian people. 

Artistic and creative spaces must amplify Indigenous voices and subvert colonial narratives – not reproduce settler-colonial violence. Together we must build safe artistic and creative platforms and use them in pursuit of freedom and justice for all. Solidarity is a practice and an ongoing commitment. 

We, the undersigned Palestinian artists, writers, allies and friends invite you to join us now, at this critical juncture, in the struggle for Palestinian freedom. We call on artists, arts workers, organisations and affiliates to withdraw their participation in the Sydney Festival until it ceases its ties with the Embassy of Israel.

The undersigned individuals and organisations,

Sign below.


Amy McQuire, Darumbal and South Sea Islander Writer and Academic
Barkaa, Hip Hop Artist
Miriam Margolyes, UK-Based British-Australian Actress
Mohammed El-Kurd, Sheikh Jarrah Poet and Palestine Correspondent for The Nation
Randa Abdel-Fattah, Author and Academic
Paula Abood, Writer, Creative Producer, Cultural Worker
Michael Mohammed Ahmed, Author and Sweatshop Literacy Movement
Jennine Khalik, Writer and Content Producer
Sliman Mansour, Jerusalem-Based Palestinian Artist
Maissa Alameddine, Artist, Arab Theatre Studio
Jumana Bayeh, Academic, Arab Theatre Studio
Alissar Chidiac, Artist, Arab Theatre Studio
Matt Chun, Artist and Co-Editor of The Sunday Paper
Hazem Shammas, Actor
Lowkey, UK-Based Hip Hop Artist
Saleh Bakri, Palestine-Based Actor
Mahmood Bakri, Palestine-Based Actor
Majdala Khoury, Palestine-Based Set Designer
Adam Bakri, Palestine-Based Actor
Behrouz Boochani, Author and Cultural Dramaturg
Sara Saleh, Poet and Writer
Remi Kanazi, US-Based Poet
Françoise Vergès, Institute of Africa
Skinner Myers, Filmmaker
Natasha Lampard, Director, Webstock
Omid Tofighian, University of Sydney
Issa Assaad, Performer, Marrugeku
Denise Wilson, Marrugeku
Natalie Smith, Producer, Marrugeku
Tim Levinson, Urthboy
Isabelle Farah, Writer, Performer
Aliya Ahmad, Communications and Media Director, Democracy in Colour
Arwa Abousamra, Writer, Interpreter
Amani Haydar, Writer and Visual Artist
Jeff Sparrow, Writer
Jake Lynch, Academic and Author
Tim Sauter, Audio Technician
Hannah Crane, Stage Manager
Zeina Iaali, Artist and Refugee Art Project
Sara Mansour, Poet and Bankstown Poetry Slam Co-Founder
Nancy Stern, Associate Professor, The City College of New York, CUNY
Rawan Arraf, Lawyer
Jamie Dunbar, Artist
Vyvienne Abla, Director and Artist Manager
Sarah Ghassali, Filmmaker
Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg, Director at Hue
Sarah Ayoub, Author and Academic
Anthony Morgan, Comedian
Doug Cronin, Our Race
Samia Sayed, Artist and Writer
Winnie Dunn, General Manager, Sweatshop Literacy Movement
Antony Loewenstein, Independent Journalist, Author and Filmmaker
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
Aiya Sakr, Poet
Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Author
Omar Sakr, Poet
Christopher Stoneking, Musician (C.W. Stoneking)
Cher Tan, Editor and Critic, Liminal, Meanjin
John Russell Waters, Actor, Writer, Musician
Miska Mandic, Filmmaker
Patrick Lenton, Writer
Kristian Thinning Andersen, Electronic Music Artist aka Elysium
Safdar Ahmed, eleven, Hunar, Co-Founder of The Refugee Art Project
Greg Barns SC, Barrister and Writer
Lisa Sorgini, Artist
Stormie Mills, Artist
Scott Howie, Artist
Aamer Rahman, Comedian
Sharon Blair, Artist
Datsun Tran, Artist
Michelle Cahill, Author
Erin McFadyen, Deupty Editor, Artist Profile
Evelyn Ida Morris, Composer, Artist, Audio Engineer
Zebedee Parkes, Filmmaker
Dr Saba Vasefi, Human Rights Journalist, Academic, Poet
Mary Varvaris, Journalist at Blunt Magazine, Australian Guitar, The Music and
Mohammed Massoud Morsi, Journalist, Photographer, Writer
Marcus Whale, Musician
Luka Lesson, Poet
Rico Craig, Poet
Miroslav Sandev, Poet
Tania Safi, Producer
Tasnim Hossain, Artist
Debbie Kilroy, CEO, Sisters Inside
Michelle de Kretser, Writer
Susan Muaddi Darraj, Writer
Madi Connors, Yarli Creative and Fierce Tidda Club
Kareen Adam, Artist
Arash Nabavi, The Vanguard Newtown
Bianca Loiacono, Visual Artist 
Sanja Grozdanic, Writer
Brian Obiri-Asare, Writer
Jeanine Hourani, Writer
Hasib Hourani, Writer and Poet
Yasemin Lewis, Poet
Ian Whitney, Composer
Shailja Patel, Poet
Steven Herrick, Author
Katrin Koenning, Artist
Safia Arain, Actor
Shyamla Eswaran 
Bilal Hafda 
Muhib Nabulsi 
Elyas Alavi, Artist and Poet
Bhenji Ra, Performer, Marrugeku
Laniyuk, Writer and Performer
Bessie Holland, Actor
Leticia Caceres
Jamal Nabulsi 
Amal Naser 
Sarangi Rupasinghe 
Naima Ibrahim 
Diane Wanasawage 
Gayatri Nair 
Raveena Grover 
Meera Seermaran 
Feras Shaheen, Artist
Meyrnah Khodr 
Fahad Ali, Writer
Cynthia Lam 
Caitie Gutierrez 
Lara Cobden, Artist
Rizcel Gagawanan 
Claudia Chidiac, Arts Worker and Creative Producer
Priya Kunjan 
Mika Benesh 
Gabrielle Wang, Author
Samuel Leighton-Dore 
Eugene Yiu Nam Cheung, Art Critic, Founding Editor of Decolonial Hacker
John Reynolds, Filmmaker
Alex McKinnon, Writer
Adam Broomberg, Professor
Dalya Al Masri, Writer and Journalist
Ceyrone Akkawi 
Naomi Segal 
Jordy Silverstein 
Bigoa Chuol, Editor
Alyson O’Brien 
Dana Al Habel 
Danielle Pratt 
Jackson Langford, Writer
James Colley, Writer
Miranda Wheen, Dancer
"Zowie Douglas-Kinghorn,	Writer and Editor"
Caroline Anderson 
Jonathan Sri, Musician, Poet
Fatima Measham 
Eileen Chong Poet
Vanessa Giron 
Charandev Singh 
Matt Elyanow 
Lara Fielding 
James Kristoff 
Zohal Arbabzada 
Kristin O’Connell, Antipoverty Centre
Jay Coonan, Antipoverty Centre
Sarah Jansen 
Marietta Zafirakos 
Phoebe Azer 
Billy Kanafani 
Fabio Cavadini 
Guy Mannes-Abbott, Author and Critic
Adele Perovic 
Kate Baldwin 
Elias Habib Nasser 
Diane Koopman 
Rosie Isaac 
Francesca D Bleeker 
Elias Jahshan, Writer
Natalia Figueroa Barroso, Writer and Poet
Dhakshayini Sooriyakumaran
Sophia Cai 
Nicky Stott, Earth Matters Radio 3CR
Jacqui North, Light Artist and Producer
Hamish McIntosh, Dancer and Academic
Daniel Schlusser, Theatre Director
Maryellen George, Comedian
Nadine Von Cohen, Writer
Simone Amelia Jordan, Journalist and Writer
Meg O'Shea, Comic Artist
Ruby Hartley 
Nikki Lam 
Nicolas Chahin 
Yamane Fayed 
Preston Ferguson 
Laura Sassin, Graphic Designer
Zora Simic 
Maryam Azam 
Lou Garcia-Dolnik 
Max Easton 
Tom Wharton 
Kerryn Russell 
Anne-Marie Te Whiu 
Simonne Goran 
Cassie Tongue 
Yara Alkurd, Artist
Maya Ghattas 
Neve Mahoney 
Tess Cullity 
Aminath Inas Ismail 
Yi Zhen Kueh 
Noor Alameddine 
Safa El Samad 
Dorene Shankaran 
Johanna Agawin 
Dr Elliot Dolan-Evans, Assistant Lecturer, Monash University
Natalia Garcia, Kindling and Sage Magazine
Claire Schwartz, Poet
Sumarlinah Winoto
Liz Cooper 
Dennis Grauel 
Yi Zhen Kueh, Designer
Alex Garcia 
Simo Soo, Musician
Christine McFetridge 
Alana Lentin 
Sebastian Cepeda 
Jan Trewin 
Nur Shkembi 
Christopher Young 
Chris Peers 
Jade Adam 
Yasmin Hassan 
Nejra Salihbegovic 
Sharnay Raza 
John Kachoyan 
Amy Inkster 
Cathy Peters 
Hilmi Dabbagh, APPA
John Blackley 
Pablo Roman 
Azza Zein, Artist
Can Yalcinkaya 
Judy Kuo 
Grace Corbiau 
Fathima Yoosuf 
Mary Jo Costache 
Sam Wallman 
Gabriella Brown 
Jay Estorninho 
Dalia Qasem 
Brianna Freckleton 
Sambavi Seermaran 
Hannah Garvan 
Maeve Marsden, Theatremaker
Rhianna Newlove, Independent Game Developer
Christine Shamista Ratnasingham
Amer Zahr, Comedian, Writer, Professor
Richard Newman 
Dasha Tan, Artist
Hassan Moussa, Arab Australian Federation
Jessica Magro 
Emily Trueman 
Liam Arias 
Fatima Mawas, Showrunner
Vivek Nayak 
Ronald Rios 
Priya Adhikari 
Harry Saddler 
Maggie Topliss 
Dean Fletcher 
Dung Tran 
Natasha Theoharous 
Ms Charlie Sanders, Writer
Melissa Fisher 
Inda Ahmad Zahri 
Nedal Ghaoui 
Nat Latter, Rabble Books & Games
Emily Rodger 
Mahmoud Nahya 
Damien Millar, Playwright
Tilly Lawless, Writer
Chloe Sterland, Designer
Jon Tjhia 
Arundhathi Lekshmi 
Mai Le 
Ashley Perry 
Andrea M McCarthy 
Therese Grimes 
Mohamed Chamas 
Muhammad Adeemul Khader 
Tristan Ryan 
Kuba Dorabialski 
Panda Wong 
Nick Riemer 
Peter Slezak, University of New South Wales
Mariam Slewo 
Dalia Shafie 
Reham Elzeiny 
Joana Partyka, Artist
Dylan Clunes 
Mellany Chun 
Yul Scarf, The Sunday Paper
Nina Tetkic 
Alex Kelly 
Georgia Scott 
Ashanti Permatasari 
Anne Walsh 
Zenobia Ahmed 
Jacqueline Gregory 
Ahmad Haji 
Leila Frijat 
Vincent Sirhan 
Josephine Harrison-Cobby 
Amani Asad 
Ramsey Tawil 
Karen Lim 
Roanne Asad 
Nida Khoury 
Saad Khan 
Rowan McLeod 
Nadia Zeaiter 
Mariam Sheikh 
Bri, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Junko Honti, BDS Japan Bulletin
Anisha Pillarisetty 
Lachlan Dale 
Carol Que 
Hanna Asad 
Zainab Asad 
Rusaila Bazlamit 
Aziz Kallala 
Nikolai Haddad 
Ozge Alkan 
Ava Nunan 
Diego Rodrigo Garcia, Performance Artist
Sean McCarthy 
Suzanne Asad 
Eman Elhelw 
Ben King 
Mary Peterson 
Mark Bastian 
Michael Hubon 
Sandra May 
Amira Nunn 
Nadine Johnson 
Nourdine Benhammouche 
Lucas Marvel 
Hanan Dover 
Joseph Pugliese, Macquarie University, Professor
Phoebe Autumn 
Aisyah Aaqil Sumito, 
Nadine Kanaan 
Ali Reza 
Kade Newell 
Anna Loren 
Grant Regan 
Miranda Aguilar 
Emily Jane Read 
Kyle Freeman 
Sarah Anderson 
Karla Livingstone-Pardy 
Cyma Hibri 
Luke Doyle 
Samar Darwish 
Benjamin Wasley 
Sela Atiola 
Jan Simpson 
Dan Hogan, Writer and Publisher at Subbed In
Oli Sansom, Photographer
Zena Youseph 
Gayatri Chaturvedi 
Helen Kwok 
Anton Schirripa 
Chad Toprak 
Michelle Ryan 
Manal Hamdan 
Sara Rafferton, Musician
Ben Rolfe 
Nada Elagha 
Rebecca Howe 
Gabrielle Dadgostar 
David James Young 
Reem Abdalla 
Katy Plummer 
Meera Atkinson 
Abriel Carpio, Artist
Jessica Xuan 
Eddie Abd, Artist
Mara Ochoa 
Eddie Abd 
Zi Hui Chen 
Bethan Sweetlove 
Katie Wrigley 
Fabian Astore 
Archie Mclean 
Esmeralda Herrera 
Hazem Hamdan 
Ciella Williams 
Jason Gray 
Zoe B 
Dylan Batty 
Hassan Moussa 
Nikki Lusk 
Jamil Awwad 
Raqiya Ahmed 
Diana Prichard 
Diana Sayed 
Janet Robertson 
Kowther Qashou 
Jack O’ Murchú, Celtic FM, Sydney's 98.5FM
Kris Skeggs 
Gianna Rizzo 
Dana Marjan 
Photius Drakos 
Jessica Scott 
Efren Pamilacan 
Thomas Sigal 
Emma Cooper 
Emma Magnusson-Reid 
Hannah Debus 
Peta Rowe 
Omar Chmaisse 
Hugh Davies 
Brooke Arblaster 
Lara O’Brien 
Christopher Rylatt 
Gok-Lim Finch 
Camilla Cotrim 
Dechlan Brennan 
Mouna Zaylah 
Adnan Khalili 
Megan Christophers 
Adam Cruse 
Tala Barakat 
Stuart Rees, Sydney Peace Foundation
Peter Lubulwa, Composer, Multimedia Artist
Sivan Barak 
Julia Ramos 
Laresa Kosloff 
Simon Reynolds, Community Soccer Hub
Marisa Wikramanayake 
Harper Northam 
Janelle Low 
Rania Ghandour 
Danny Wardle, Academic
Reema Saad 
Zhi Yi Cham 
Ben Johnson 
Britt Munro, Teacher and Writer
Paul Macadam 
Nadia Demas 
Dario Usai 
Elodie Gooden 
Tori Hobbs 
Simon Butler 
Luciana Yeda 
Joshua Elias Webbey 
Aitak Salempour 
Sarah Trad 
Mira Mattar 
Fabio Cavadini, Filmmaker
Noori Tirmizi Passela 
Yuna Lee 
Tahir Rafiq 
Ryan Al-Natour, Academic
Raphaela Rosella 
Zenn Bahri 
Ashleigh Morgan 
Nidal Abdi 
Danish Hussain 
Alana Hunt 
Ajmal Farzam 
Ellen Dillon 
Lina Ali 
Aksen Ilhan 
Clare Steele Clare 
Alicia Cai 
Donna Miles, Freelance Writer
Angus William MacDonald MacKinnon, Gundagaroo Farmstay
Lana Nguyen 
Ryan Dell 
Omar Taleb 
David Forde 
Nur Shkembi 
Anita Solak, Poet, Writer
Regan Lynch 
Dzenana Vucic 
William Solomon 
Daniel Eideh, Educator
Dalya Shurrab 
Maryam Sheikh 
Nadia Zeaiter 
Azul De Monte 
Justus Vogel 
Jenna Diakogeorgiou 
Ronan Ruddy 
Magnolia Minton Sparke 
Floyd Robichaux, Lawyer
Gina Siller 
Malak Al-Faraj 
Kareem Hosem 
Ayla Yuyucuoglu 
Mogtaba Motasim 
Megan Weier 
Eleni Pitsilioni-Alexiou, Ceramicist
Sandra Nadel 
Indigo Willing 
Sandra Nadel 
Faiza Bhuiyan 
Nour Al Hammouri 
Emily Greenwood 
Raymond Scott 
Yasmeen Kotb 
Rihab Charida, Filmmaker
Dang Khanh Linh 
David Platt 
Todd Shepherd 
Dennis DuBois 
Abdulla Alnajjar 
Alison Evans 
Simin Tatari 
Nick Schwanck 
Kylie Haldeman 
Marian Abboud 
Michael John Haynes 
Robba Rai 
Patrick Marlborough 
Stephan Flach 
Nunzio Madden, Artist and Musician
Nicole Barakat, Artist and Educator
Dan Rizk 
Therese Doyle 
Sukhmeet Grewal 
Raveen de Silva 
Reese Badham 
Phil Monsour, Musician
Christopher White 
Raghad Rihan 
Yara Youssef 
Jemima Shafei-Ongu 
Natalie Mourad 
Lina Barakat (Al-Falahy) 
Diana Simmonds, Writer and Critic
Vuma Phiri 
Kate Worsley 
Anand Sheom 
Setiadji Sunarsan 
SL Lim 
Anand Sheom, SOME4D
Tanya Ali 
Margery Cass 
Karima Chloe Hazim 
Jonathon Piasente 
Anita Cummins 
Tahiya Amin 
Antoinette Behrens 
Vivian Cooper 
Georgia Potter 
Hala Abokamil 
Bradley Scott 
Ramdane Djebarni 
Blaze Tata 
Edward Thomas 
Madhuraa Prakash 
Lilly Lai 
Nghi Bùi 
Shannon Turner 
Khalid Warsame 
Sonia Sofat 
Ouissal Harize 
Aslan Loughnan 
Ouissal Harize 
Rafe Husain 
Tom Battersby 
Jean Tattersall 
Sara Alhaj 
Sophea Op 
Aziz Ramadan 
Kin Francis 
Jez Heywood, Graphic Designer
Morgan Estoppey 
Demanuele Holly 
Jason Chau 
Dana Dhailieh, Academic
Russell Hawkins, Filmmaker
Iman Etri, Writer and Performer
Lenine Bourke 
K Al-Amin 
Ayesha Syed 
Raquel Ormella, Artist and Academic
Carolyn D'Cruz 
Prince Aydin 
Elsa Schuster 
Sharon Mooney 
Joseph Feeney 
Kafia Haile, Filmmaker and Visual Artist
Eleni Christou, Social Researcher
Eddie Al-Shakarchi, Musician, Music Producer
Yi Fen Kueh 
George Abraham, Palestinian-American Poet
Georgia Hamilton-Myers, Writer
Rachael Helmore, Freelance Artist and Writer
Natasha Agaki 
Thomas O'Neill 
Lawrence Mullin 
Gene Ball 
Rasha Abdulhadi, Writer
Arjmund Butt 
Roberto S Rizzuto 
Assad Abdi 
Joce Evans 
Janet Galbraith, Writer, Poet, Member of Writing Through Fences
Aishah Ali, Lawyer and Spoken Word Artist
Marziya Mohammedali, Photographer and Academic
Shayne Chester 
Rami Asker 
Candice Jenkins 
Zubayr Alikhan, Writer
Hesham Atia Albasuoni 
Jessica Bradford, Artist
Lance Dyer 
Adrian Bell 
Clive Tomlinson 
Scoutt Winter 
David Nelson, Policy Advisor
Beris Derwent 
Gemma Scerri, Journalist
Abdalle Ali 
Michelle Fahd 
Sally Almaani 
Marsha Mathews 
Deborah Neulander 
Michael Levin, Musician
Lisa Luxx, Writer
Maher Mughrabi, Journalist, The Age, Nine Publishing
Rhiannon Taylor 
Ollie O’Neill, Poet
Shadie Chahine, Associate Project Manager
Esmaeel Saeed 
Emma Davidson, Artist
Igor Hill, Photographer
Tim Colston, Kommunity Brew
Shae Cartledge-Giovinazzo, QSFF
Ahmad Ilaian, Loma Linda University
Tian Zhang, Co-director, Pari
Tash Atkins, Artist
Yasmine Jomaa 
Emma Harbridge 
Leila Alaeddine, NSW Department of Communities and Justice
Fatima Hamad, Teacher
Assala Sayara, Haweyate
Laureen M 
Jose Ignacio Galarza, 
Hannah Khalil, Writer
Iltaf Najjar 
Sab D'Souza, ArtistResearcher
Tricky Walsh, Artist, Director, Haus of Vovo
Susan Metcalfe, Writer
Neil Breeden 
Rayann Bekdache 
Eman Al-Ghussain 
Raneem Assoum 
Laila Nasser 
Terence Brown 
Zarlasht Sarwari, Social Researcher
Mitsuki Mendoza 
Anam Raheem, Writer
Paul Wighton, Education
Nadin Mourad 
Hayley Millar Baker 
Xavier Meade, Visual Artist
Guilherme Bellini Cortez 
Lucia Tường Vy Nguyễn, Writer
Lena El-Malak, Attorney
Nada El Moghany 
Katie Shammas 
Arian El-Taher, Writer
Valeriya Gritsenko 
Naj Sawan 
Shayaan Khan 
Manel Shanferly 
Luke Currie-Richardson, Independent Artist
Muhammad Givari Ali Imran, Illustrator
Hanan Ismail 
Farah Elsaket, Writer
Avinia Naidu, Writer
Betainia Sabri 
Elian Hamilton, Musician
Tala Hadi, Program Officer
Tim Oliver, Communications, WACOSS
Bryan Ward, Writer
Lamisse Hamouda, Author
Bramm Lindentree, Songwriter
Daniel Nour, Journalist, Writer
Elves Ferreira Dos Santos, 
Omer Kanafani 
Justin Whyte 
Panayiotis Kasseris, Artist
Annabelle Kingston, Artist
Soraya Khan, Africa For Palestine
Diala Ibrahim, Painter
Jack Buckley 
Genevieve Carol Howard, 
Kate Jama, Artist, Lawyer
Anam Javed, Sistahub
Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, Academic
Jessica Armao, Researcher, Writer
Noor Gillani, Editor
Rebecca Semaan 
Rana Karakus 
Aoife Keane 
Lewis Campbell, Musician and Producer
James Besanvalle, Media
Laura Mccarthy 
Toby Nevill, Visual Artist
Olivia Rousset, Documentary Filmmaker
Trish Roan, Artist
Ashley Baker, Sound Artist
John Dorman, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Mark Tregonning, Independent Performer: Actor, Writer, Theatremaker
David Quinn, Drag Queen
Maryam Hasan, Engineer
Ben Silverstein, ANU
Jinan Daher, Lawyer
Shannon Power, Journalist
Ayesha Tabassum 
Leila Elmasry, Artist
Jenny Chang 
Mumtaz Yoosuf, Program Director
Georgia Woods 
Kesha Lagniappe, Artist
Yusra Golra 
Joslynn Exley, Artist, Activist
Sarah Assafiri 
Sara Rezvi 
Enfys Edrich, Poet
Lauren Neko, Artist
Jillian Kennedy Murray, Actor
Saqib Ali, Writer
Janelle Parsons 
Sara Noor, Activist
رغد صقر 
Asmaa Mannasaheb 
Shannon Power, Journalist
Abrar Shahwan 
Mateo Vargas, Documentary Filmmaker
Khechai Yanis 
Tinaye Nyathi, Filmmaker
Rahaf Najjar 
Naama Carlin, Academic and Writer
Peter Wicks 
Shoroq Faris 
eX de Medici, Artist
Guy Gillor 
Adrian Zanardo, Lecturer, School of Design, RMIT University
Kathryn Joy, Community Organiser
Stephen Dixon, Animator
Pascalle Burton, Writer, Musician
Ben Madden, Writer
Siobhan Gibbs, Independent Artist
Palli Davis Holubar, Sculptor, Retired Art Educator
Raquel Figueiredo 
Mirsad Klapuh 
Kady du Maurier, Director at Kadydumaurier
Shabina Hussain 
Mr Boyd Fraser 
Gass Be, Activist
Simon Burnett, Teacher
Michael F, The University of Sydney Faculty
Padraic Gibson, Jumbunna Institute, UTS
Miriam El-Behesy 
Charli Gayheart 
Nada Abdel-Fattah 
Catherine Bouris, Writer
Marieke Hardy, Writer
Amy Hughes, Script Writer
Khalid Zubaidi 
Ian Kirtland 
Matthew Clayfield, Writer
Richard Cottrell, Retired Theatre Director
Kamran Raza 
Selin Guler 
Justin George 
Shafiq alShaar 
Burt Johns 
Alex Brouwer, Writer
Judith Ridge, Educator
Shoshana Rosenberg, 
Torsten Strokirch, Artist
Ismail Bazyan 
Shatha Yusri Faris 
Sufiya Aliya Naqvi 
Maleeka Alam, Artist
Briony Neilson, Academic
Crystal McKinnon, Academic and Writer
Sina Brown-Davis, Activist
Younes Butakmani, Actor
Zoe Boesen, Actor
Yusuf Reheman, Admin Assistant
Stu Hay, Announcer, Community Radio
Nora Elsharkawy, APAN
Fatema Shukur, Architect
Katrina Nasser, Architect
Julian Wigley, Architect
Bibi Goul Mossavi, Artist
Paul Griffiths, Artist
Kathleen McCann, Artist
Catherine Woo, Artist
Sallwa Hourani, Artist
Damian Brinley, Artist
Isabella Hone-Saunders, Artist and Curator
Andrew Brooks, Artist and Writer
Paola Marika Balla, Artist, Curator, Writer, Scholar at Victoria University
Jack Randall, Artist.
Amelia Jane Hunter, Comedian Storyteller
AMCD, Communication Designer and Art Worker
Martika Shakoor, Community Development
Zoe Barry, Composer, Musician, Theatremaker
Haroon Iqbal, COVID tester
Dr Jenny Fraser, Creative Researcher
Natasha Mchugh, Creative Workshop Facilitator
Ellen Greig, Curator
Susan Flower, designer
Zahra asmail, Designer
Ken Flower, Designer
Fida Hajaj, Director and Principal Occupational Therapist
David Singh, Director, Institute of Collaborative Race Research
Hani Shadid, Education
Adele Moon, Educator
Tyler Bain, Filmmaker
Harry Brandrick, Filmmaker
Paul Gregoire, Journalist and Writer
Nez, Kaizen Tiles
Rema Hamdan, Lawyer
Rosie Hollinshead, LSE
Raine Paul, Marrugeku
Martin Saleh, Marty Saleh Photography
Nick Fleming, Musician
Paul Macadam, Musician
Majid Abdul Rahman, Nasheed Artist
Tony O'Loughlin, Photographer
Sam Davis, Photographer
Shareefa Energy, Poet
Eunice Andrada, Poet and Librarian
Peta Fitzgibbon, President, Friends of Palestine Tasmania
Niamh MacNamee, Program Manager
Daniella Trimboli, Research Fellow, Deakin University
Ian Kirtland
Shiala Kousar, Shiala Kousar
Oskar Summers Dixon, Social Worker and Artist
Haroon Siraj, Sportsperson
Tamer Mousa, Tattoo Artist
Samira Farah, Triple R, Broadcaster
Chaya, Tzedek Collective
Claire Launchbury, UCL
GH0$T, UK-Based Artist
Nikolaj Lerche, University of Glasgow
Wajeehah Aayeshah, University of Melbourne
Aisyah Binte Shah Idil, Writer
Alison McKenzie, Writer
Keith Ridgway, Writer
Dr Sue Bond, Writer
Anwen Crawford, Writer
Kate Walton, Writer
Intan Paramaditha, Writer
Sam Herriman, Writer
Alison Croggon, Writer
Esther Rockett, Writer
Adam Bristow, Writer
Ryan Bautista, Writer
Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh, Writer and Arts Worker
Neha Kale, Writer and Critic
Mon Nai
Jane Worsley
Maggie McErlain
Saed Mmdoh Alsamouni
Olfat Albayouk
هديل احمد النجار
Siobhán Marriott
Anita Westera
Rana Najjar
Rahaf najjar
Salwa El-Moghazi
Caitlin Bond
David Phillips
Paul Langis
Sital Thapa Magar
Ammarah Khalill
Hamza Ashraf
Safa Asif
Cherie Gavin
Lana Zayed
Sylwia Szozda
Avais Javid
Amani Abu Hashem
Chifaa Khelfoaui
Maha Abu Hachem
Shimaa Faris
Anisa Rashid
Marwa Alnsour
Matt Bevis
Diane Owity
Arash Toupchiani
Mon Nai
Kristopher Owens
Obaydul Karim
Gary Power
Leanne Mohamad
Sofia Ali
maimoona baig
Mohammad Haider
Hamza Ahmed
Gilles Pereira
Sue Lee
Ricardo Hermanny
Adam Melloul
Hafed Shadid
Haroon Khawaja
Seyedsad Vakhshouri
Melanie Lazarow
Maeve Scannell
Cassandra Polyak
Nawid Habib
Emily Hughes
Daniel Shami
Humzah Akbar
Jaid Saviero
Jessica Osburn
Nada Alshareefy
Deena Mostafa
Muhammad Vali
Mujtaba Morshed
Violet Stokoe-Miller
Saima Khan
Scott Campbell
Jordan Keyzer
Maysoon El-Ahmad
Mia Turkington
Aiza Khan
Mary Sciberras
Fatima Yousif
Michael Li
Alyaqdahn Arashdy
Eugene Yang
Sandra Makdessi
Marietta Zafirakos
Jody Thompson
Lea Durie
Jack Staples
Joanna Durst
Lesley Irvine
Mark Jordan, Writer
Sarah Firth, Freelance Artist and Writer
Dian Safitri
Rodrigo Acuña, Journalist
Hisham ElBanhawy
Jonathan Booth, Art Teacher
Marg Hurrell, Educator
Micaylah Jones, Artist
Andrew Harper, PR
Elise Klein, Academic
Hanna Sandler, Actor
Adele Perovic, Actor, Writer and Journalist
Ibrahim Abdeh, Architect
Fahimah Badrulhisham, Architect 
Rafaela Pandolfini, Artist
Kasey Gambling, Artist
Natalie Tso, Artist
Hana Davies, Artist
Nadia Refaei, Artist
Seamus Kilbride, Artist
Adrian Fowler, Artist
Ali El-Chaer, Artist
Eloise Carter, Artist
Alana Kingston, Artist
Rafaela Pandolfini, Artist
Lillian Hull, Artist
Bryn Donkersloot, Artist
Peter White, Artist
Mark Mattock, Artist
Daniel Lismore, Artist
Alice Skye, Artist
Charlie Collins, Artist at Holy Titties
Greg Giannis, Artist, Educator
Casey Dalbo, Artist, Researcher, Swinburne University
Ally Bisshop, Artistic and Academic
Laurence Rosier Staines, Artistic Director, Caldera
David Ryding, Arts Manager
David Stothard, Arts Professional
Holly Farrell, Arts Worker
Amos Keppler, Author
Andrew Stafford, Author
Susannah Aziz, Author, Librarian
Bianca Lyla Clifford, Bianca Lyla Clifford
Melanie Norton, Brand Manager
Manal El Sharif, CEO, Imdad Media Centre
Pey Qi Chin, Ceramic and Visual Artist
Amy Toma, Co-Director, Pari
TM McGann, Collection Management & Public Programs
Hannah Piper, Communications
Rose Nakad, Community Arts and Media
Paul Dutton, Community Worker
James Brown, Composer
Ellery Joyce, Composer 
Akin Ozyigit, Content Creator
Nicole Toum, Creative
Ainy Naim, Creative Director
Lama Hourani, Creative Director
Sam Eacott, Creative Producer
Paul McAleer, Dare to Struggle Film Festival
Jill Hickson, Dare to Struggle Film Festival
Keke Robertson, Designer
Rachel Dight, Designer
Teresa Villanueva, Designer
Emma Ismawi, Designer and Illustrator
Gavin George, Director, Enhance Entertainment
Armelle Davies, Editor
Priyanka Bromhead, Educator
Shannon Rodríguez Sweeney, Eora-Based Native American Artist
Maudie Osborne, Filmmaker
Ashley, Freelance Creator
Isabella Trimboli, Freelance Writer
Gemma Mahadeo, Freelance Writer 
Maha Essid, Freelancer
Gabriel Silveira, Graphic Activist
Nicholas Neale, Graphic Designer
Simon Hunt, Independent Artist
Oscar Parkes, Independent Electronic Musician
Heather Lynn, Indie Author, Artist
Bryan Yen, Interior Designer
Ala' Haimour, Journalist
Kenneth Suico, Kenneth Suico
Adriana Navarro, Lawyer
Yianni Kordos, Lawyer
Amanda Porter, Melbourne Law School
Kylie Sturgess, Murdoch University
Caitlin Lawler, Museum Registrar
Sam Burnett, Musician
Jay Green, Musician, Studio Engineer 
Damian Ridgwell, Palestine Action Group
Victoria Hunt, Performer, THAW with Legs On The Wall
Cathy Ross, Photographer
Grace Yee, Poet
Maya Imahashi, Poet
Tim Loveday, Poet and Writer
Mohammad Awad, Poet, Playwright 
Hannah Barcan, Poet, Writer
Leona Hameed, Producer
Catriona Crawford, Producer
Diem Nguyen, Program Administrator
Storay Mangal, Project Manager
Nicole Dennis, Reactivate Consulting
Ewan Coopey, Researcher, Macquarie University
Alistair Baldwin, Screenwriter
Tyronne Gietzmann, South African-Australian Artist
Caterina McElwain, Student
Raquel Rustom, Teacher
Jarod Kingston-Brown, Teacher
Natalie Estay, Textile Artist, Designer
Aleen Al Halawani, The University of Sydney
Alice Whitmore, Translations Editor, Cordite Poetry Review
Ruba Bacha, Urban Sketch Artist
Alissar Gazal, Visual and Performing Arts
Bryan Ward, Writer
Misbah Ansari, Writer
Rene Ha, Writer
Jules Wilkinson, Writer
Tim Robertson, Writer
Jesue Valle, Writer
Melanie Jacobs, Writer
George Clark, Writer
Kim Ho, Writer
Bobuq Sayed, Writer
Jocelyn (Josie) Deane, Writer and Editor
Robin Eames, Writer and Historian
Najma Sambul, Writer and Journalist
Samar (Sammie) Darwish, Writer and poet
Mariam Arcilla, Writer, Creative Producer, Arts Marketer
Katrina Irawati Graham, Writer, Director 
June Miskell, Writer, Editor and Academic
Jumana Jasim, YACWA
Kevin Ramsay
Danae Squires
Nic Warnock
Elsa Alvial
Natasha Brobyn
Adelle Karkar
Diana Rajab
Rasika Sahota
Patrick Harrison
Jeffrey Smith
Winsor Dobbin
Sue Jian
Larissa Payne
Dana Kafina
Emily Spratt
Amira Marwan
Therese Grimes
Abdulelah M Kayal 
Joanne Zou
Hazel Boyce
Deborah Prospero
Elise Cook
James W. Milligan
Fatima Achi
Leticia Caceres
Katia Shepherd
Matthew Stone
Miffy Llewellyn
Dana Kamal
Cherin Fajuke
Issa Dajani
Robert Judd
Amelia Lazberger
Madeha Chowdhury
Peter Geelan-Small
Christian McBride
Freya Dwyer
Louise Honey
Fatemeh Rashedi
Mahmoud Eideh
Amina Khadim Rehman
Leen Yousef
Lynda Saker
Sarah Parks
Natasha Perez-Krause
Toi Ferrales
Alyssa Heckler
Jamal Khanfer
Joan Barnett
Marion Kiely
Danny Tomic
Mariam Abi Issa
Cordelia Lean
Farhana Sacha
Deanna Hadid
Elli Aisatullin
Graham Stafford
Nadine Kenny
Zaaron Wyatt
Kamran Raza
Vikki King
Diana Prichard
Kalina Krsoska
Rhonda Balzan Bastow


Arab Theatre Studio 
Bankstown Poetry Slam 
Artists for Palestine UK
Road To Refuge
Vyva Entertainment
Tzedek Collective
The Department of Homo Affairs
Loud Jew Collective	
Solidarity Film Festival
Dare To Struggle Film Festival