Get Elbit Out: RMIT University must end partnership with Israeli weapons manufacturer

We, the undersigned, call upon RMIT University to immediately terminate its partnership with Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems.

Elbit is Israel’s largest privately owned weapons company, proactive and complicit in the ongoing colonisation of Palestine.

Elbit provides the Israeli military with 85% of its killer drones, used to terrorise and surveil Palestinians. These drones are mounted with Elbit’s missiles and used to commit massacres.

Israel’s fighter jets and attack helicopters are furnished with Elbit equipment and munitions. These weapons are regularly used to attack residential neighbourhoods, family homes and refugee camps, and to suppress Indigenous resistance. Elbit weapons and technologies have killed thousands of people in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, while destroying vital health and cultural infrastructure.

Elbit manufactures cluster bombs and white phosphorous munitions, used in the occupation’s attacks on Palestinian families in besieged Gaza. Both Australia’s Future Fund and Norway’s KLP have banned investment in Elbit. Companies such as HSBC and AXA have also divested from Elbit over the production of such munitions.

Elbit is also a major provider of the electronic detection system used in the West Bank apartheid wall. Additionally, it has been contracted to make a new underground wall around the besieged and oppressed population of Gaza.

Elbit benefits from Israel’s attacks. The company markets its weapons to oppressive regimes globally, explicitly advertising its products as ‘battle-proven’ on Palestinians.

From Palestine to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, West Papua, Myanmar, the Phillipines and Kashmir, Elbit enables and profits from invasion, colonialism, apartheid, land theft, environmental destruction, the killing of journalists and the oppression of Indigenous people. Elbit’s drones and towers are also used on the US-Mexico border, allowing the US regime to track, incarcerate and deport racialised migrants.

In an attempt to shut down opposition, RMIT has stated that its research partnership with Elbit ‘focuses’ on drones that ‘support emergency service’. However, Elbit is a weapons company. The distinction between military and emergency services — whatever it might mean — simply does not hold in Elbit’s case. RMIT’s argument contributes to the whitewashing and normalisation of Elbit’s crimes against Palestinians and against oppressed populations globally.

The moral implications of accommodating an arms manufacturer on a university campus are clear. RMIT is a public institution, with a duty to refrain from complicity in the violation of human rights.

We call upon RMIT to terminate its research partnership with Elbit Systems immediately and in its entirety.

The undersigned,

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Chelsea Watego / Director, Institute for Collaborative Race Research

Amy McQuire / Darumbal and South Sea Islander Writer and Journalist

Boe Spearim / Kooma, Muriwarri and Gamilaraay Creator and Host, Frontier War Stories

Hayley Millar Baker / Gunditjmara Djabwurrung Artist, RMIT Alumni

Laniyuk Kuyinal / Writer

E. Flynn / Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow, RMIT

Neika Lehman / Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Predoctoral Fellow, RMIT

James Tylor / Artist and Writer

Kevin Moore / Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Pre-Doctoral Fellow, RMIT

Clint Hansen / Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Pre-Doctoral Fellow, RMIT

Tarneen Onus Williams / Student & Casual Lecturer

Anton Schirripa / Ngarabal Educator

Roxanne Moore / Indigenous Rights Lawyer and Campaigner

Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts / Advocate for human rights rights, researcher at the University of Technology, Law and Social Work Graduate from the University of New South Wales

Larissa Payne / High School Teacher, Campaigner, Writer

Nathan Sentance, Wiradjuri Librarian and Museum Educator

Tameeka Tighe / Gamilaraay Next Generation

Crystal McKinnon / Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Research Fellow, RMIT

Shannon Kilmartin-Lynch / Vice Chancellor Indigenous Pre-Doc Research Fellow

Natalie Ironfield / First Nations Research Fellow, The University of Melbourne

Dr Laresa Kosloff / Senior Lecturer, School of Art, RMIT

Ben Cooke / Senior Lecturer, RMIT

Dr Alan Hill / Lecturer, School of Art, RMIT

Kathrin Wheib / Former Sessional Tutor

Dr Lana Tatour / Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, UNSW

Randa Abdel-Fattah / DECRA Research Fellow, Macquarie University

Sara Saleh / Palestinian Lawyer, Campaigner, Writer

Rihab Charida / Filmmaker and Media Artist

Amal Naser / Student, UNSW

Jennine Khalik / Producer, Writer

Saleh Bakri / Actor

Jamal Nabulsi / PhD Candidate, University of Queensland

Ryan Al-Natour / Academic, Charles Sturt University

Jeanine Hourani / Research and Teaching Assistant, University of Melbourne

Elias Jahshan / Writer and Journalist

Catherine Strong / Associate Professor, School of Media and Communication, RMIT

Prof. Matthew Currell / Professor of Engineering (Chemical and Environmental), RMIT

Anna Hickey-Moody / Professor of Media and Communication, RMIT

Liam Ward / Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, RMIT

Eugene Yang / PhD candidate and Sessional Tutor, RMIT School of Media and Communications

Sara Eagle / Project Manager, HDR Curriculum Redevelopment Project, RMIT

Christine McFetridge / PhD Candidate and Sessional Staff, School of Art

Amy Spiers / Postdoctoral Fellow, SOA, RMIT

Kelly Hussey-Smith / Lecturer, SOA, RMIT

Ben Milne / General Representative – RMIT University Student Union (RUSU)

Juliet Rowe / Alumni, Casual Sessional Tutor, RMIT

Bronwyn Hughes / Professional Staff and Alumnis, RMIT

Dr Fiona Hillary / Lecturer, School of Art, RMIT

Amanda Haskard / Curator, Sessional Lecturer, RMIT

Tami Gadir / Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, RMIT

Lucinda Strahan / Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, RMIT

Sonia Leber / Artist, Senior Industry Fellow, SOA, RMIT

Daniel Binns / Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, RMIT

Blake Barns / Lecturer, RMIT

Dr David Chesworth / Researcher, SOA, RMIT

Sarah McCook / Tutor & PhD Candidate, RMIT

Susan-Elin Solimani / Student, RMIT

Roland Cox / RMIT Alumni

Laura De Carteret / Student, RMIT

Bria Versace / Former Student, RMIT

Kathryn Renowden / RMIT Alumni

Isabelle Fitzgerald / RMIT Alumni

Sophia LoPilato / Student, RMIT

Cara Morrissy / RMIT Alumni

Luca Lana / Former Graduate & Instructor, RMIT

Penny Moye / RMIT Alumni

Julia Bennett / RMIT Alumni

Britt Carroll / RMIT Alumni

Lauren Squire / Graduate, Bachelor of Design (Digital Media), RMIT

Cale Perrin / Student, RMIT

Samra Komak / Student, RMIT

Laura Scurrah / Student, RMIT

Caitlin McGrane / PhD candidate, RMIT

Jeromie Maver / RMIT Alumni

Kiloran Hiscock / Professional Staff Member and Student

Javed de Costa / Lead Engineer, RMIT Alumni

Andrew Le / RMIT Alumni

Genevieve Kulesza / RMIT Alumni

Sarah Al Shamis / Student, RMIT

Natalie Vigo / Student, RMIT

Julian Bagnara / Former Student, RMIT

Mohamed Chamas / Independent Game Developer, Artist, Poet, Lecturer, Alumni, RMIT

Maissa Alameddine

Diana Sayed / Human Rights Lawyer

The Sunday Paper

Tzedek Collective

Loud Jew Collective

Dogmilk Films

Australian Students For BDS

Australian Palestinian Professionals Association

Curtin Palestinian Society

Hoda Afshar / Artist and Educator

Dlabik Grace / Creative Director and Director of BE. One Creative

Jordy Silverstein / Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Jake Lynch / Associate Professor, University of Sydney

Kyoko Imazu / Professional Staff, Alumni, RMIT

Penelope Trotter / Lecturer, ACU

Micaela Pattison / Lecturer, Flinders University

Antony Loewenstein / Independent Journalist, Author and Film Maker

Vivienne Porzsolt / Spokesperson, Jews against the Occupation, Sydney

Mell Chun / Journalist and Radio Producer

Priya Kunjan / Community Broadcaster, PhD Candidate

Natalia Garcia / Editor, Founder, Kindling & Sage Magazine

Simonne Goran / Artist, Arts and Film Programmer, Tzedek Collective Cofounder

Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg / Anti-Racism Educator & Director of Hue: Colour the Conversation

Jacqui Kairu / Operations Coordinator at Hue: Colour the Conversation

Margaret Cassar / Executive Member, Australian Friends of Palestine Association

Chelsea Lang / Director, YLab, The Foundation for Young Australians

Shoshana Rosenberg / Research Officer, RMIT

Anna Schwann / Archives of Feeling: The Children’s Sensorium, RMIT

Kate Meakin / PhD Candidate, Sessional Staff RMIT

Lucy Nickels / Sessional Staff

Jessie DiBlasi / Staff and Alumni, RMIT

Janelle Low / Staff and Alumni

Ruth De Souza / Staff, RMIT

Chad Toprak / Sessional Staff, RMIT Alumni

Kirsty Macafee / Staff and Alumni, RMIT

Sion RS / Sessional Staff, SOA, RMIT

Colette Leber / Teaching Staff, RMIT

Caitlin Phillips-Peddlesden / Staff, RMIT

Ben Hattingh / Sessional Lecturer, RMIT

Grace McQuilten / Staff, SOA, RMIT

Joseph Halevi / Honorary Professor Macquarie University

Andy Kaladelfos / Senior Lecturer, UNSW

John Brooks / VE Teacher, RMIT

Safa El Samad / RMIT Alumni

Cecilia Sordi Campos / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Eugenia Lim / Artist, RMIT Alumni

Yi Zhen Kueh / RMIT Alumni

Leigh Ellwood / Designer, RMIT Alumni

Martha Godstone / Student, RMIT

Sarah Hayward / Student, RMIT

Naomi Harvie / Former Student, RMIT

Che Dungey / RMIT Alumni

Belinda O’Connor / Postgraduate Student, RMIT

Elinor Devenish-Meares / Student, RMIT

Georgia Scott / Student, RMIT

Madi Sherburn / Student, RMIT

Mim DiNapoli / Editor, Student, RMIT

Mairin Briody / Artist, Student, RMIT

Edith Fahey / Student, RMIT

Christine Chanty / Student, RMIT

Stephanie Gleeson / Student, RMIT

Beau Parsons / Designer, Student, RMIT

Cindy Huang / Student, RMIT

Elijah Franco / Social Work Student, RMIT

Vivian Cooper / Arts Worker, Former Employee, RMIT

Lucy Adam / Teacher, Employee, RMIT

Lucia Morris / Postgraduate Student, RMIT

James McVicar / Student, RMIT

Shoaib Iqbal / Student, RMIT

Kirby Clark / Master of Design Futures Student, RMIT

Kate Foster / Student, RMIT

Taren Mckenney / Student, RMIT

Kane Turner / Student, RMIT

Lauren Dymke / Social Work Student, RMIT

Hilary Sloane / Former Student, RMIT

Hannah Douramanis / Student, RMIT

Abeera Raja / Student, RMIT

Genevieve Brennan / Student, RMIT

Fiona Spitzkowsky / Student, RMIT

Olivia Tualau / Student, RMIT

Katherine Nolan / RMIT Alumni

James Moore / RMIT Alumni

Sarah Foley / Student, RMIT

Danielle Roubin / RMIT Alumni

Madeleine Dunn / RMIT Alumni

Mohammad Afaghi / RMIT Alumni

Tim Cikron-Tighe / RMIT Alumni

Nina Ross / Artist, RMIT Alumni

Clinton Hayden / RMIT SOA Alumni

Caitlin Ramsay / RMIT Student

Elisha Fitri / RMIT Student

Otto Rugen / Bachelor’s of Applied Science (Aviation), RMIT

Nina Cooley / RMIT Student

Jon Tjhia / Teacher, RMIT

Jahkarli Romanis / RMIT Alumni

Claire Akhbari / Former Staff, RMIT

Sophie Spence / Bachelor Student, RMIT

Romy Ash / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Jaynaya Travis / Student, RMIT

Will Goldsbrough-Reardon / Law Graduate, Prior Juris Doctor student, RMIT

Maud Freeman / Student, RMIT

Joana Partyka / Former Student, RMIT

Dylan Marelic / Student, RMIT

Isabelle Pattison / RMIT Alumni

Lauren Bull / RMIT Alumni

Tom Harrison / Student, RMIT

Brendon Grey / RMIT Alumni

Adrian Frichitthavong / Student, RMIT

Raghad Rihan / RMIT Alumni

Mei Leong / Student, RMIT

Gabbee Stolp / RMIT Alumni

Adrian J. Song / Student, RMIT

Angela Sexton / Student, RMIT

Georgia Woods / Social Worker, Student, RMIT

Emily Hubbard / RMIT Alumni

Teva Cosic / RMIT Alumni

Anneliese Martinu / Student, RMIT

Lu Lin / PhD candidate, RMIT

Nour Sukkar / RMIT Alumni

Eva Lazzaro / Student, RMIT

Raphaela Rosella / PhD Candidate, SOA, RMIT

Laura Schoof / Former Student, RMIT

Megan Christophers / Student, RMIT

Laura Hughes / Postgraduate Student, RMIT

Lana Nguyen / Staff, RMIT

Igor Hill / Former Student, RMIT

Panda Wong / Writer, Editor and RMIT Alumni

Rafaela Pandolfini / Artist, Student, RMIT

Jess Erlich / Student, RMIT

Isabel O’Riain / Student, RMIT

Gavan O’Neill / RMIT Alumni

Yvette James / Technician, Production Assistant, RMIT

Alison Loft / Kindergarten Teacher, RMIT Alumni

Chi Tran / RMIT Alumni

Ben Andrews / Former Performing Arts Officer, Former Student and Staff Member, RMIT

Dorian Battistella / Student, RMIT

Casey Jenkins Sh / Artist, Phd Candidate, SOA, RMIT

Sarah Muir-Smith / Ceramicist, RMIT Alumni

Milly Cox / Student, RMIT

Peter Hallpike / Former Student, RMIT

Ella Lancaster / Student, RMIT

Jackson F / RMIT Alumni

Tom Ames / Artist, RMIT Alumni

Luke Rotella / Student, RMIT

Elia Hauge / PhD Student, School of Engineering, RMIT

Haifa El-Hussein / Public Realtions and Communications, Graduate, RMIT

Phuong Le / Student, RMIT

Dennis Grauel / RMIT Alumni

Mara Schwerdtfeger / Graduate, RMIT

Anu Kumar / Photographer, Former Student, RMIT

Amber Sestokas / Graduate, RMIT

Megan Payne / Student, RMIT

Blossom Ah Ket / Former Student, RMIT

Eugene Thomas / Student, RMIT

Katelyn Dooley / Student, RMIT

Kat Capel / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Pey Qi Chin / Artist, RMIT Alumni

Angie Richards / Previous Employee, RMIT

Indigo Colquhoun / Student, RMIT

Larissa Cullen / Student, RMIT

Catherine Ryan / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Evie Taylor / Student, RMIT

Olivia Cuff / Social Worker, Previous Student, RMIT

Grace Carver / Alumni Bachelor of Interior Design (hons), RMIT

Sammy Perryman / Sound Designer, RMIT Alumni

Carol Peterson / Former Staff, RMIT

Deitra Kanellos / Student, RMIT

Victoria Hope / Student, RMIT

Katherine Roe / Student, RMIT

Claire Vaganiance / RMIT Alumni

Clem Bastow / PhD candidate, School of Media & Communication

Afif Rashid / Student, RMIT

Agatha Partyka / RMIT Alumni

Makushla Harper / Student, RMIT

Wasim Nasser / Physiotherapist, RMIT Alumni

Georgia Egan-Griffiths / Student, RMIT

Phuong Ngo / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Hayley March / Juris Doctor Candidate, RMIT

Alexander Maxwell-Anderson / Landscape Architect, Student, RMIT

Holly Orsag / RMIT Alumni

Jack Tyerman / Former Student, RMIT

Amrita Dasvarma / Student, RMIT

Jessa Faithfull / RMIT Alumni

Zachariah Keirsten-Wakefield / Student, RMIT

Gracie Forshaw / RMIT Alumni

Deborah Rowe / Former Student, RMIT

Martika Shakoor / RMIT Alumni

Maria Quintero / RMIT Alumni

Deanna Russo / Master of Mental Health Nursing Student, RMIT

Danielle Loughnan / Student, RMIT

Alice Miles / Former Student, RMIT

Jessie Bullivant / Artist, RMIT Alumni

Khadija Wilson / Student, RMIT

J A Pinney / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Indigo Rule / Student, RMIT

Ellen Rule / Student, RMIT

Deb Kunda / RMIT Alumni

Kip Preston Taylor / Student, RMIT

Fergus Wells / Student, RMIT

Griea Taylor / RMIT Alumni

Panayiotis Kasseris / RMIT Alumni

Sarah Bunting / RMIT Alumni

Xavier OShannessy / Student, RMIT

Rebecca Mayo / Sessional Lecturer and RMIT Alumni

Jamie Sellers / Student, RMIT

Paula Maggs / Student, RMIT

Eilidh Ross / RMIT Alumni

Toa Kasambalis / Artist, Former Student, RMIT

Monica Esmond / Environmental Engineering Student, RMIT

Joshua Baxter / Student, RMIT

Timothy Walters / Student, RMIT

Jo Eaton / RMIT Alumni

Monique Leung / Student, RMIT

Tyler Payne / Staff member and PhD candidate, RMIT

Ollie Wiles / Student, RMIT

Ngoc Bao Chau Le / Student, RMIT

Louise Meuwissen / Gallery Staff, RMIT

Shakila Khalili / Student, RMIT

Sherab Dorji / Traditional Tibetan Artist, RMIT Alumni

Billie-Eve Cooper / Student, RMIT

Monica Do / RMIT Alumni

Bec Fary / Tutor and PhD student, RMIT

Jaxon Stickler / Student, RMIT

Dimitra Lambrellis / Former Student, RMIT

Kars Rao / Web Developer, Past Employee, RMIT

Ollie Savage / Student, RMIT

Tess Manolis / RMIT Alumni

Alice Francis / RMIT Alumni

Helen Kwok / RMIT Alumni

Nadia Camus / Masters of Social Work Student, RMIT

Shaista Chishty / Visual artist & PhD student, RMIT

Danielle Bain / RMIT Alumni

Stephanie Walker / Student, RMIT

Ashleigh Coahan / Social Worker, RMIT Alumni

Tara Stewart / Student, RMIT

Dominic Redfern / Staff, School of Art, RMIT

Lydia Mardirian / Sessional Tutor, The University of Melbourne

Milica Milinkovic

Justin Balmain / Current Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artist

David Currell / American University Beirut

Sofie Lemaire / Masters Student

Khaled Chamma / RMIT Alumni

Mirna El-Moslmani / Former Student, RMIT

Jaime Brown / Student, RMIT

Charlotte Johnson / Former Student, RMIT

Lena Molnar / Doctoral candidate, Sessional Academic, RMIT

Rob Dixon / RMIT Alumni

Peregrin Costa / Former Student and Staff, RMIT

Gabby Gonzalez / RMIT Alumni

Patrick Anderson / Student, RMIT

Malka Yota / Bachelor Student, RMIT

Gemma Davis / RMIT Alumni

Jasmine Alavuk / Employee, RMIT Building

Maeve Scannell / RMIT Student

Justin Cantrell / RMIT Alumni

Dr Julian Grace / Health worker – RMIT Alumni

Jan Nelson / RMIT Lecturer

Alex Bennetts / Learning Designer, RMIT Graduate

Zenobia Ahmed / Alumni, Sessional Tutor, RMIT

Oli Hittmann / Senior Social Worker/RMIT graduate

Daniel Palmer / Associate Dean Research, School of Art, RMIT

Christopher Gardner / RMIT University / RMIT Connect, Service Agent

Grace Howat / RMIT Student

Caitlin Molloy / RMIT Alumni

Farhana Ismail / Designer, RMIT Alumni

Mairead Murphy / Student, RMIT

Ella Marchionda / Student Councillor – RMIT Student Union

Adele Wilkes / Artist and PhD candidate, RMIT

Nelson Morgan-August / Student, RMIT

Rebecca Maakasa / RMIT Alumni

Daniel Williams / Student, RMIT

Tom Backhaus / Staff, RMIT

Peta Malins / Senior Lecturer, Criminology and Justice Studies, RMIT

Mike Read / PhD Candidate, RMIT

Jeremy Heywood / Graphic designer, RMIT Alumni

Bryony Forrest / RMIT Pharmacy Student

Eleni Stamenitis / Student Rights Officer (RUSU), RMIT

Sarah Marshall / Student Rights Officer (RUSU), RMIT

Alex Thornton / RMIT Alumni

Harrison McClements / Student, RMIT

Emmeline Kildea / PhD Candidate and Sessional Tutor, RMIT

Donna Kendrigan / Library officer, RMIT Library, RMIT

Jessica Guo / Student, RMIT

Robin Laycock / Senior Lecturer, School of Health & Biomedical Science, RMIT

Ceri Hann / RMIT

Grace O’Shea / RMIT Student

Ben Sheppard / RMIT sessional teacher (VE)

Hattie Ellis / RMIT Student

Andrea Meacham / RMIT MFA graduate

Tilly Sage / RMIT Alumni – Environment and Society
Indiana / RMIT student

Ricarda Bigolin / Associate Professor, School of Fashion and Textiles, RMIT

Patrick Anderson / Student, RMIT

Jenna Jacobs / Social worker, RMIT

Jack Metcalfe / Student, RMIT

Adam Bottomley / School of Social Work, RMIT

Sarah McCook / RMIT

Clare Rae / Sessional Lecturer, RMIT Alumni

Sarah McCook / PhD & Sessional Staff, RMIT University

Sonny Thomas / RMIT Media & Comms

Georgia Martin / Sessional Tutor, RMIT

Dr Pia Johnson / Lecturer, School of Art, RMIT

Nadine Shehada / Bachelor of Law, Student, RMIT

Aurelia Pichay / RMIT Alumni

Amias Hanley / Sessional Academic, School of Media and Communication, School of Design, RMIT

Claudia Messenger / Student, RMIT

Joel Humphries / Student, RMIT

Emily Gray / Senior Lecturer Education Studies, RMIT University

Christian McCrea / Lecturer, RMIT

Amy Grover / RMIT Student

Sam Stolke / Librarian, RMIT

Lisa Hilli / Artist, RMIT alumni

Joel Stern / Vice Chancellors Post Doctoral Fellow, School of Media and Communication, RMIT

Mapharz Salahdin / Former Sessional Instructor RMIT

Kalinda / RMIT alumni

Françoise Schneiders / RMIT Alumni

Eliza Hutchison / RMIT Alumni

Murray Watson / RMIT Alumni

Abdus-samad Olanrewaju / PhD @ RMIT

Gabrielle Falzon / RMIT student

Jacqueline Matisse / RMIT Alumni / Sessional Teacher

James Gibbs / Student – RMIT

Tristan Damen / RMIT University

Natalie Acreman / Student, RMIT

William Dunstan / Student, RMIT

Tristan Damen / RMIT University

Dan Younger / School of Design and Social Context Studio Lead, RMIT

Mapharz Salahdin / Former Sessional Instructor RMIT

Grace Dinham / RMIT student

Daniel Palmer / Associate Dean Research, School of Art, RMIT

Michael Swadling / Senior Advisor, Mental Wellbeing Initiatives, RMIT

Sean Lynch / RMIT staff

Ronnie Scott / Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing, RMIT

Kylie Lunghusen / Senior Technical Analyst, RMIT

Suzi Hutchings / Associate Professor, RMIT

Emma Shortis / Lecturer, RMIT

Andy Simionato / Lecturer / School of Design, RMIT

Lukas Parker / Associate Professor, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University

Ben Stranieri / Teacher: Fashion Sustainability, RMIT

Associate Professor Keely Macarow / School of Art, RMIT

Ms Eve Stocker / Librarian, RMIT Alumni

Tim McLeod / Staff RMIT

Libby Porter / Professor, RMIT University

Christine Ruddy / Staff, RMIT

S Bryant / Lecturer, RMIT

Mohammad Othman / RMIT Alumni

Joni Meenagh / Lecturer, Public Policy, RMIT University

Ann Standish / Senior Advisor Academic Workforce Development, RMIT

Elysia Evers Wilson / Sessional lecturer RMIT College of Design and Social Context

Gary Pearce / Staff, RMIT

Professor Penelope Weller / Chair, Programs Committee, RMIT

Louise Naughton / RMIT alumni

Jackson Smith / Lecturer, School of Science, RMIT

Douglas Wilson / Senior Lecturer, RMIT

Adrienne Arnot-Bradshaw / RMIT Student

Dr Joan Staples / Principal Research Fellow, RMIT

Robin Laycock / Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Biomedical Sciences, RMIT

Caitlin Lester / Sessional Tutor, RMIT

Bridget Keane / Lecturer, Landscape Architecture RMIT

Malka Yota / Bachelor Student, RMIT

Gemma Davis / RMIT Alumni

Jasmine Alavuk / Employee, RMIT Building

Alex Gawronski / Artist and lecturer, University of Sydney

Kelly Chan / PhD Candidate

Dr Arash Nabavi / Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Monty Patton / PhD Candidate, Melbourne University

Catherine Văn-Davies / Actor

Dr Michael Waters / PhD King’s College London

Rivqa Rafael / Student

Sam Galvin / Student

Tess Cullity / Children’s Publisher

Martin Munz / Artist

Samara Mitchell / Artist and Writer

Malak Al-faraj / Urban Designer

Sarah Jansen / Principal Consultant, Renewable Energy

Shivangi Mariam / Writer

Sarah Firth / Comic Artist and Writer

Samuel Weldon / Student

Fatima Binish / Student, Swinburne University

Yuan Yao / Anti-Imperialist

Dasha Tan / Artist

Jono Pollock / Teacher and Artist

Reeda Kassis / Human Resources

Eve Giles / Social Worker

Zoë Barry / Artist, Teacher

Kim Lam / Artist

Dana Alshaer / Student

Alan Halford / Mediator

Hai Anh Tran / USYD School of Medical Science Alumni

Gem Walsh / Registered Nurse

Gabriel Murphy / Film Maker

Elliot Dolan-Evans / Lecturer

Madeline Anderson / Occupational Therapist

Nadia Refaei / Artist

Emma-Kate Wilson / Writer

Emma Magnusson-Reid / Artist, Technician

Kelly Azizi / PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

Abdullah Anis / Mechatronics Engineer and Roboticist

Amani Haydar / Writer and Artist

Alisha Khan / Student

Sophia Cai / Curator and Writer

Chris Woods / Media Advisor

Yul Scarf / Artist

Emma Ismawi / Artist, Designer and Lecturer

Joshua Ezackial / Science Communicator

Thomas Demian / Student

Savannah Daoud-Opit / Strategic Planner

Luke Williams / PhD Candidate

Nour Hegazy / Journalist, Student

Con Pakavakis / PEN Peace Committee

Bianca Lyla Clifford / Artist

Jana Moser / Artist

June Ding / Artist and Ecologist

Lara Chamas / Contemporary Artist and Activist

Nur Shkembi / Art Historian

Suli Lokollo / Social Worker

Eamon Sprod / PhD Candidate, Artist

Chanelle Rogers / Community Organiser

Srishti Chatterjee / Writer, Postgraduate Student

Shannon Ghannam / Education and Community Arts

Jaser Alagha / Film Maker

Bryn Fenemor / Designer, Potential Masters Student

Fletcher Curno / Community Psychologist

Ashley Perry / Artist and Academic

Chloe Cannell / PhD Candidate, University of South Australia

Dr Gabrielle Murray / Academic Coordinator

Nessryn Tabiaat / ACU student

Mira Thurner / admin

Ali Kaddour / Architect

Angela Schilling / Archivist

Pooja Desai / Art Director & Designer

Kuba Dorabialski / Artist

Brian Fuata / Artist

Adam John Cullen / Artist

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah / Artist

Darren Grant Halsted / Artist & Activist

David Cragg / Artist and Designer

Siri Hayes / Artist and sessional tutor/lecturer VCA

Gok-Lim Finch / Artist and writer

Akira Akira / Artist, Sessional Tutor

Vi A. / Artist, Writer

William Ek Uvelius / Artist/Designer

Mariam Slewo / Arts Worker

Ashika Harper / Ashika Harper

Cecily Maller / Associate Professor

Adrian Danks / Associate Professor

Danilla Grando / Associate Professor

Darryn Snell / Associate Professor, School of Management

Carmel Davies / Carmel Davies

Hannah Evans / Casual Lecturer

Jennifer Perlstein / Casual Social Work Field Placement Tutor

Tarek Sakik / CEO

Radhiah Chowdhury / Chief Creative Officer, Arise Foundation Australia

Cody Junghans / Cody Junghans

Meg O’Shea / Comic artist

Ayella / Community worker

Con Pakavakis / Convenor, PEN Melbourne Peace Committee

Inda Ahmad Zahri / Doctor, author & illustrator

Marg Hurrell / Educator

Ahmed El Alamy / Engineer

Rabbani / Engineering Manager

Aalia Shaikh / Engineering Student

Lara Tilbrook / Environmental Advocate, Artist &

Alex Kelly / Filmmaker

Ahmed Adam / Filmmaker, Writer

Tahnee Phin / Interaction Designer

Isabella Capezio / Isabella Capezio

Jodie Myers / Jodie Myers

Shamsiya Hussainpoor / Journalist

Bromley Sabatino-See Kee / Kaurareg Artist & Writer

Kyle Bush / Kyle Bush

Kyle Lotherington / Kyle Lotherington

Steven Rendall / Lecturer

Anthony Kent / Lecturer

Anna Corbo Crehan / Lecturer, Ethics

Karen Ann Donnachie / Lecturer, School of Design

Lee Hannah / Librarian

Meagan Wyke / RMIT University, Librarian

Lauren Walsh-Buckley / Lived Experience Peer Worker

Rory Gee / LTSU General Member

Eamonn Harte / Masters Student

Taylor Richardson Marlton / Medical Sociologist

Dawoud AlMekhled / Medical student

Minna Tom / MSW Student

Dr Natasha Jansz / NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow, The University of Queensland

Bailey Sharp / NTEU Branch Member

Rifai Abdul / NTEU Organiser

Raine Sinclair / Peace Activist

Rasheeda Wilson / PhD Candidate

Zainil Zainuddin / PhD Candidate

Brittany Munro / PhD candidate and adjunct instructor at CUNY City University of New York

Madeleine Dove / PhD Candidate, ANU

Jemma Harrison / Photographer

Michaela Skovranova / Photojournalist

Philip Quealy / Professional Staff

Bruce Wilson / Professor

Georgina Heydon / Professor, Criminology and Justice Studies

Shelley Brunt / Program Manager

Andrew Treloar / Proprietor

Ahmad Khochaiche / Public policy consultant

Eliah Lillis / QCA Alumni, Photojournalist

Sahra Stolz / Quality Enhancement Senior Advisor

Rose-Ana Lillis / Registered Nurse

Laila Ayoubi / Registered Nurse Clinical research

Thea Lamaro / RUSU, RMIT

Emma Osborne / Senior Advisor, Academic Policy

Condie Jenna / Senior Lecturer in Digital Society

Leslie Eastman / Senior Lecturer, Interior Design

Michael Graeve / Senior Lecturer, R,IT

Dr Marnie Badham / Senior lecturer, School of Art

Sorcha Conlan Therapeutic Services / Senior Therapist and Consultant

Jacqui Shelton / Sessional Academic

Greg Giannis / Sessional Lecturer, Various Universities

Anerleigh Simms / Social Work Student, UTAS

Tamika Millar / Social Work Student/Youth Worker

Jet Hunt / Social Worker

Zach Biggin / Social Worker

Georgina Ingleton / Solicitor

Meg Ivory / Specialist, Digital Learning Resources

Jade Hackett / Staff and alumni

Halle Brown / Student

Kirra Hampson / Student

Bilal Nasa / Student

Lilah Summers Dixon / Student

Lauren Pannell / Student

Jack Pardy / Student

Yvonne Rambeau / Student

Zainab Chowdhury / Student

Isabella Bernal / Student

Lauren Fahey / Student

Vincent Bartels / Student

Seray Tesceli / Student

Nick Lawrence / Student

Samir Duraku / Student

Isabelle Blackman / Student

Jo Oliveira / Student

Homa Babayi / Student

Yvanya Stekerhofs / Student

Jay Hotchin / Student

Sheldon Gait / Student

Mohamed Naranath / Student, Georgia Institute, USA

George Raptis / Student, UNSW

Anisha Pillarisetty / Student, Casual Worker

Megan Richardson / Technical Officer

Babu Iyer / Technical officer

Dani Andree / Technician and HDR candidate

Imzi / Technology Professional

Max Myers / Tutor

Carol Que / Tutor at Ngarara Willim

David Kelly / VC Postdoctoral Fellow

Priyanka Bromhead / we are the mainstream

Daley Rangi / Writer

Jason Gray / Writer

CB Mako / Writer

Jasmine Pirovic / Writer and Journalist

Dzenana Vucic / Writer and PhD Candidate

Tess Maunder / Writer, Curator

Chris Young

Rita Alfar

Hala Al-attab

Stephanie Syrios

Eddy Abboud

Samar Abboud

Tanaka Nhongo

Jeremy Kong

Jess Mekhael

Samantha Gilmour

Lauren Vella

Karim Haider

Sarah Saoud

Feyza Yazar

Alex Nevill

Rebecca Ferrantino

Marwa Osman

Chris Rocco

Mary Lai

Mohadesa Hussaini

Ethan Gandler

Laurie Izaks MacSween

Danielle Oxton

Sarah Assafiri

Cathy Peters

Sol Skeletor

Josephine Harrison-Cobby

Wassila Abboud

Anna Penton

Larissa Tedesco

Sibylla Grace

Indiana Flexman

Nish Morris

Nancy Abdalla

Cara Lofts

Nadia Zeaiter

Mira Eva-Wilson

Mo Ishteawi

Dylan Wiehahn

Caitlyn McLean

Cin Webb

Harry Saddler

Carolina Cabezas

Rose Richani

Zak Pidd

Maha Bartolo

Elizabeth Strakosch

Denny Baring

Charandev Singh

Angus Whillas

Nisreen Bajis

Phoebe McIlwraith

Lotte Frances

Matthew Frawley

Michelle Berkon

Piero Garreffa

Bethany OConnor

Yanni Jiang

Sophia Nasser

Jennifer Richardson

Maddy Brysom

Mika Tran

Matt Siddall

Gabrielle Attenborough

George Downing

Danny Tomic

Jasmine Shehata

Fateen Syed

Andy Zak

Bassant Shehata

Taulogomai Aii

Bethany Nolin

Georgette Thomas-Page

Shayne Chester

Maryam Ebrahimi

Ted Egan

Suzannah Henty

Yasmin Gordhandas

Hiba Said

Shakira Hussein

Tresa LeClerc

Mitchel Cumming

Shae Keca

Lucinda Kelly

Margot Stewart

Orlanda Alldridge

Laura Forth

Carmela Lavezzari

Leo Bortolotto

Andrew Fedorovitch

Emily McCrann

Samara Lee

Liam Wearmouth

Anne Hakim

Liyan Gao

Michelle Keating

Sebastian Henry-Jones

Marion Grant

Isabella Hone-Saunders

Jessica Sherlock

Amani Abu Hashem

Kareen Adam

Carla Scotto

Grace Spence

Isaac Blank

Philippa Inglis

Roby Dayoub

Rusaila Bazlamit

Catherine Greenhill

Lucia Tuong Vy Nguyen

Edie McAsey

Hannah Piper

Alyson O’Brien

Callum Davies

Tamara Brophy

Nawal Hussain

Yasmin Brahimi

Eman Al-Ghussain

Lowanna Daoud-Opit

Mayura Sandrasegaran

Chantelle Mitchell

Izabella Watkins-Gray

Madeleine Fletcher-Kennedy

A R Polack

Anuraag Bhatia

Freya McGrath

Amar Mustafa

Vicki Nguyen

Ayebatonye Abrakasa

Dana Marjan

Antoinette Tracey

Rafa Marjan

Janel Yau

Hassaan Ahmed

Nikolas Greig

Yasmine Moussalli

Rebekkah Law

Sarah Eideh

Fin Healy

Caitlin Woodland

Nick Hayes

Madison Pawle

Christie Duong

Iman Hamaama Sellami

Estella Black

Hayley Boyce

Harrison Brooks

Zehra Rizvi

Christopher El Feghali

Morgana Osaki

Carly Heinrich

Winni Birner

Alex Moulis

Jay Bowman

Ali Tahayori

Lauren Caulfield

Alan Musry

Kylie Tran

Monica Lee

Ayman Kaake

Rochelle Oh

Hannah Sycamore

Joey Graham

Elle Mendez

Bill Souki

Justine Muller

Brad Homewood

Lachlan Horn

Rokhshana Mohammadi

Domi Narayan

Rebecca Hall

Jodie Winnell

Renee Nayef

Chase Kauffman

M Flockhart

Afrina Fitri

Sally Gething

Elizabeth Hartrick

Brooke Maddison

Haiya Baig

Hootan Heydari

Susan Miller

Sophie Thompson

Phil Labrum

Peter Duggan

Aya Hussein

Jessica Sabrina Rebecca

Mohanned Hourani

La Fielding

Maudie Farnan

Tala Almangour

Z H Chen

Troy Byrnes

Adam Nasser

Soririos Karabogias

Mohammad Hussaini

Navaal Saeed

Angela McGinness

Ruby Wragg

Tom Hume

Pip Shuttleworth

Khaled Halloum

Rhea Hrysicos

Ines Gesang

Azima Omar

Jessica Stephens-Raymond

Olivia Thomas

Hamida Salehi

Ramsey Tawil

Ezra Meszaros

Alex Poll

Tanner Stevenson

Nat Cosgrove / Student, Monash University

Olivia Gilmour

Michael Capponi

Opal McKenzie

Bethann Taylor

Stacey Johnson / Social Worker

Mehdi Haidari

Nora Tal

Izzy Alexandridis

Lilli Lenffer

Elyshia Weatherby

Ella McNicol

Honor Gillies / Teacher Librarian

Carly Watson

Indra Liusuari

Xiangqi Meng

Naomi Mecklenburgh

Dan Hogan / Primary school teacher

Ahmed Ayan

Karim Ali

Donna Powe

Lucie Zangger-Page

Kate Jama / Researcher

Brendan Michael

Can Yalcinkaya / Academic and Artist

Sholto Buck / Doctoral Student

Thea Constantaridis

Nikita Vanderbyl

Eugenia Watson / Student

Hanna Mancini

Gabrielle Aston

Fatima BM. Hossain

Julia Benoit

Sam Forsyth-Gray

Mariam Dennaoui

Stephen Stern

 Amenah Dennaoui

Annie Delaney

Tim Clarke / UTAS Alumni

Alisha Saiyed

Liz Luby

Stella Dee

Madeleine Rhodes

Michael Everitt Hartup / Lecturer, GUSS

Sam Taylor

Rochelle Erasmus

Jonas Goonface / Illustrator

Natasha Graham

Shivanjani Lal / Artist

Caitlin Stephens

Zoe Davies

Sam Sweeney

Armelle Davies / Editor

Anthony Gleeson / Centre for Climate Safety

Joy Low

Marie Heloury

Sonia Sedmak / FILEF: Italian Federation of Migrant Workers

Beyza Erguven / Medical Scientist

Francis Carter

Hannah Moore / Film Maker, Teacher

Ruby Healey

Pierre Cholbi / TV Director

Rodrigo Masina Pinheiro

Nadia Demas / Student

Monique Hameed

Claire Pitre

Imogen Evans

Ben Moroni / Secondary School Teacher, Vic

Jiana El Khatib

Eman Husseini

Wisam Samuel Al Khatib

Fatiha Afazaz

Holly Medlyn

Oksana K

Sofia Stavrou

Tessa El-Haouli

Anna Pline

Mel Lane / Editor

Yazan Khanfar

Roger Newall

Autumn Royal

Bruno Di Biase

Brydie Hill

Rose Simonsen / Registered Nurse

Lucinda Walker

David Ng / Student

Gemma Seymour / Student

Billie Hanson-Ulrich / Nursing Student

Suzanne Asad

Matcho Makata

Angas Smith / Student

Simon Martinus

Sana Subhan

Vera Boylen / Student

Cristiane Mori

Ashlea Henley

Fathima Yoosuf

Sanam Amin

Claire Bostock

Kathleen Chapman

Hannah Coles

Rhonda Balzan Bastow / Educator, Community Worker

Brenton White

Matt Hrkac / Activist, Photographer, Independent Photojournalist

Nour Salman

Isabelle Agar / NDIS Support Worker

Ella Watson

Tori Cutajar

Annabelle Kingston

Matt Foord

Alice Castello

Eloise Rapp / Social and Environmental Manager, Fashion

Daniel Eideh

Cassandra Polyak

Mumtaz Yoosuf / Project Director

Rachael Spink

Kynéta Bhoola

Thomas Smith / Industry Fellow, School of Design

Benjamin Keys

Amira Hajar / Artist

Nikki Lusk

Tibzax Jones

Tegan Woods / Social Worker

Husny Thalib / Communication Manager

Gemma Solans Rodríguez / Masters Student

Jenny Forward

Donia Megeed

Nicole Barakat / Artist and Educator

Michael Coleman

H J Hewitt

Lauren Bullard

Nicolas Chahin

Tina Hunt

Park Street / Farmer

Arabella Kerr

Peter Kintop

Heather Lynn

Romany Wixon Gibbs

Maria Soupourzis

Shannon Huber

Kelly Fawcett

Ruba Bacha

Prince Aydın

Matthew Meagher

Elisa Keeler

Britt Gaiser

Jess Coleman

Genevieve Rankin

Carmen Rushdi